How To Register To Vote Before Oct. 9th Deadline

Judge Sean Delahanty and his campaign members want to remind Louisville voters that we offer a comprehensive voter guide that includes maps, candidates, races, election polling and statistics.  To take advantage of our best tools we encourage you to check out two places on our site.

Louisville Election FAQs

Louisville Election FAQs

We’re posting one of our FAQs below that walks voters step by step through the online voter registration process.  To see more useful voter information check out our full Louisville Election FAQs.

Registering to vote is extremely easy and you can do it in likely less time than it will take to finish reading this in depth answer.

First click this link Online Voter Registration where you will click Next.

Select if you are registering yourself. “I am registering as an individual.” Click OK

You will then need to check each box on the page basically saying you are citizen who isn’t mentally incompetent, not a felon, 18 yrs old and not voting somewhere else.

Enter your social security number and date of birth. Click Next

If the system recognizes you your name, phone and email will populate, if it is correct press Next.  If it is not correct, correct it.  If it is blank, fill it in and click Next.

Select your party affiliation and click next.

Enter your address and click Next, if it is already entered then click Next.

The final screen will provide you a chance to Review your registration.  After you have verified it is correct choose a signature method.  You can “Use my KY Driver’s License” or “I will sign digitally.”

Signing digitally is quick and easy.  Just use your mouse to “sign” your name and then click Next.

You’ll then be shown a form that you can print for your records, but it is not an official document.  After a couple weeks you’ll receive confirmation from your county clerk that you’re registered.

Applications must be submitted by:

Primary Election: April 23, 2018

General Election: October 9, 2018

You must be registered by October 9, 2018 to participate in the November 6, 2018 General Election.  Those wanting to register may do so online or in person at the County Clerk’s office or at a Driver License (DMV) office.  Unlike typical races Judicial Races are nonpartisan.  Kentucky allows you to vote “straight party ticket” or for every candidate of a specific party with one box. If you do vote straight party you still need to vote in the NONPARTISAN Judicial races.

Check out our full voter guide following Metro Mayor, Metro Council, Maps, Districts, Candidates, Jefferson County Offices and much more.

Voters Guide

Voters Guide

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Sean Delahanty Video: Impartial And Caring

An attorney in Louisville, KY  who’s defended others in Judge Sean Delahanty‘s courtroom tells voters why he should be re-elected.  She notes that Judge Delahanty is respectful and regardless of sex, woman or man or race and religion you will be treated fairly in his court.  She believes District Court Judge Sean Delahanty wants the best result for individuals.  He’s known to be impartial and caring.

The LBA Poll recently noted him as the most competent candidate for District Court Judge in Division 6.  His rating was the highest of any District Judge.

To learn more about Sean Delahanty, District Court or any local Louisville race visit our Complete Voters Guide which has maps, statistics, links to register to vote, and a build your own sample ballot tool.

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Sample Ballot – Jefferson County Judicial Ballot

Above we’ve provided an update 2018 Sample Ballot for all District Court Judicial Races for the November 6, General Election.  This is also available as well as more information about many other races in our Complete Voters Guide section.

Voter registration is on going until October 9th and can be completed online at

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30th District Judicial Candidates

30th District Judicial Candidates – Sean Delahanty

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Louisville’s 30th Court District Candidates

Election: 2018 General Election

Name Mailing Address Office District/Division Party
Darryl Scott Lavery 3909 Springhill Road
Louisville, KY 40207
Circuit Judge 30th/2nd Nonpartisan
A. “Annie” O’Connell 202 Crescent Court, Rear
Louisville, KY 40206
Circuit Judge 30th/2nd Nonpartisan
Annette Karem 1804 Aberdeen Drive
Louisville, KY 40205
District Judge 30th/1st Nonpartisan
Amber B. Wolf 317 Winton Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206
District Judge 30th/2nd Nonpartisan
Tracy Davis 3701 Terrace Hills Drive, #203
Louisville, KY 40245
District Judge 30th/3rd Nonpartisan
Kristina Garvey 3713 Hillsboro Rd.
Louisville, KY 40207
District Judge 30th/3rd Nonpartisan
L. J. “Todd” Hollenbach IV. 317 Jarvis Lane
Louisville, KY 40207
District Judge 30th/4th Nonpartisan
Julie Kaelin 1404 Debarr Street
Louisville, KY 40204
District Judge 30th/4th Nonpartisan
Jennifer H. Leibson 7607 Old Orchard Ct.
Louisville, KY 40222
District Judge 30th/5th Nonpartisan

Sean R. Delahanty

1381 Tyler Park Drive
Louisville, KY 40204
District Judge 30th/6th Nonpartisan
Lisa L. Langford 6601 Ken Carla Drive
Prospect, KY 40059
District Judge 30th/6th Nonpartisan
Jennifer Bryant Wilcox 1104 Colonel Anderson Parkway
Louisville, KY 40222
District Judge 30th/7th Nonpartisan
David Paul Bowles 3629 Kelly Way
Louisville, KY 40220
District Judge 30th/8th Nonpartisan
Tanisha Ann Hickerson 4618 Wooded Oak Circle
Louisville, KY 40245
District Judge 30th/9th Nonpartisan
Sara Michael Nicholson 302 Coralberry Road
Louisville, KY 40207
District Judge 30th/10th Nonpartisan
Jessica Ann Moore 3044 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville, KY 40205
District Judge 30th/11th Nonpartisan
Eric Haner 2047 Sherwood Ave.
Louisville, KY 40205
District Judge 30th/12th Nonpartisan
Anne Delahanty 2863 Regan Road
Louisville, KY 40206
District Judge 30th/13th Nonpartisan
Stephanie Pearce Burke 212 Bellemeade Road
Louisville, KY 40222
District Judge 30th/14th Nonpartisan
Anne Haynie P.O. Box 262
Prospect, KY 40059
District Judge 30th/15th Nonpartisan
Katie King 3400 Dutchmans Lane
Louisville, KY 40205
District Judge 30th/16th Nonpartisan
Erica Lee Williams 11106 Rock Bend Way
Louisville, KY 40241
District Judge 30th/17th Nonpartisan
Lori Goodwin 1238 South Floyd Street
Louisville, KY 40203
Circuit Judge 30th/4th Family Nonpartisan
Lauren Adams Ogden 700 Blankenbaker Lane
Louisville, KY 40207
Circuit Judge 30th/4th Family Nonpartisan
Emily Maria Digenis 9462 Brownsboro Rd
Box 337
Louisville, KY 40241
Circuit Judge 30th/10th Family Nonpartisan
Derwin L. Webb P.O. Box 7932

Louisville, KY 40257

Circuit Judge 30th/10th Family Nonpartisan

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2018 Complete Voters Guide Available Now

It is our technical goal to have the page fully loaded within 3 seconds. During configuration changes on the servers, to optimize the site, this update was lost.

Judge Sean Delahanty‘s campaign site has collected tools and information from several sites and placed them in one place for your convenience.  We link or embed pages from the Jefferson County Clerk, the Kentucky Secretary of State, maps, data and news articles.

Whether you need to register to vote or you want to know the age ranges represented in a specific precinct we have that information here.  Its why we are calling it the 2018 Complete Voter Guide.

Register To Vote Online

The site directly links visitors to the state’s online registration form after providing eligibility requirements.  Alternatively we include the telephone number you can call to ask about registering to vote in person.

polling place

Verify Registration And Polling Location

We’ve embedded a database lookup that provides voters with their legislative districts as well as where they are assigned to vote.

Review All Offices And Candidates

We’ve included the list of offices from suburban city council to US representative.  We plan to expand our information on each of the Metro Council candidate’s and link to their websites as well as automatically display their announcements if available. This collection includes judicial races for Circuit Court, Family Court and District Court.

Sample Ballot

The County Clerk’s office will provide specific sample ballots in October, but for the time being we have a generalized sample ballot with city-wide and Metro Council races included on it.  This ballot doesn’t make judgements for you but lets you research the candidates on their own.



We encourage organizations that make endorsements to post their endorsements on their web sites or provide the campaign a complete list.  Endorsements will then be posted here regardless of if Judge Sean Delahanty was endorsed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sean Delahanty knows elections can be confusing and laws or polling locations may change. We offer answers to an expansive FAQ selection and if your question is not already noted you can submit it to the campaign and we’ll try to answer it for you and possibly post it to the FAQs.

Election Polling

We will have poll questions on the guide pages where visitors can see the results of other visitors.  As polling is released by other groups to the public we’ll post that polling in the guide.

2018 Election Results

On election night there are several media and government outlets that will provide electionresults.  We’ll pull multiple sources together allowing voters to compare the numbers across outlets.

Voter Statistics And Demographics

If you’d like to know more about a precinct or district we’ve embedded a statistics tool into our site. This includes voter age and gender to the precinct level.

Voter Precinct And District Maps

With over 600 voting precincts in Jefferson County we thought voters may want to see a map.  In addition to precincts we have maps of Metro Council Districts and State Legislative Districts as well as neighborhoods.

The guide will not be “complete” until after the election, so check back often to see what new information has been added.

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Courier-Journal – 2018 Dainty Contest

Supriya Sridhar, Louisville Courier JournalPublished 7:34 p.m. ET July 30, 2018Updated 10:03 a.m. ET Aug. 1, 2018

Correction: This story has been updated to reflect the correct spelling of Hauck’s Handy Store and the name of Lynn Hauck Hite. 

Salt and pepper hair and brightly colored lawn chairs lined the streets surrounding Hauck’s Handy Store on Monday evening, as those 45 years and older signed up to compete in the annual World Championship Dainty Contest.

Using a 3-foot broom handle, competitors try to pop up and hit the small wooden peg. They get three shots to try to hit it as far down George Hauck Way as they can.

The street game was created by German immigrants in the 1800s. It was brought to Schnitzelburg in 1971 by George Hauck, who created the game to bring the community closer together. And proceeds go to the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Old swing tunes spread around the streets. Standing under the Hauck’s Handy Store sign, Lynn Hauck Hite, George Hauck’s daughter, runs around gathering beer tickets selling icy drinks from the storefront.

“It always meant a lot to dad and all of us,” she said.

Hauck, 98, was unable to make the event this year. However, his daughter, Lynn, and other Dainty veterans are continuing the tradition.

Gary Allen wears a neon yellow T-shirt and clutches a microphone in his hand. The 66-year-old has been organizing the event for 13 years.

When he began, there were nearly 300 people in attendance. Today the event has grown to close to 500.

One of those attendees is Mike McDermott, 39. He sits in a lawn chair along the side of the road with his mother, Pat.

Watching participants prepare, he smiles.

“It’s not as easy as it looks,” McDermott said.

McDermott has been coming to the event for nearly 30 years now. It’s a tradition for him. He’s seen people who are freshly 45 and 80-year-olds participate in some friendly competition.

Sister Michele and Mary Schmidt laugh as excitement amongst watchers grows. Sister Michele lives in the area and has been coming to the event for five years.

“There’s nothing like this,” she said, lips spreading into a grin.

As drops of rain begin to splatter amongst the crowd, attendees pull out umbrellas and pull up hoods, unfazed by the weather.

Old friends, local dignitaries and young onlookers hug and laugh as one by one players strike out. They cheer as a sudden hit sends a peg flying through the air.

Gary Allen speaks into the mic, calling contestants up, one more excited than the next.

“Every year someone says I can’t wait to be 45,” he said.

Reach Supriya at 502-582-4078 or [email protected] Follow her on Twitter @Supriyasridhar_. Support strong local journalism by subscribing today:

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JCTA, JCPS Teachers Union, Endorses Sean Delahanty for District Court Judge

Better Schools Kentucky, the political organization of the Jefferson County Teachers (JCTA) has endorsed your [Sean Delahanty’s] election campaign for Jefferson County District Court Judge, 30th District, Division 6.

Judge Sean Delahanty is humbled to have the endorsement of the largest educational political organization in Louisville, KY.
Better Schools Kentucky is a political action committee made up of Kentucky teachers. They seek to support pro-public education candidates who will promote what is best for children and public education throughout the Commonwealth.
The Better Schools Kentucky Committee evaluates incumbents’ voting records on public education issues, interviews candidates, and reviews candidates’ answers to written questionnaires. After considering all of this information, the Committee recommends candidates who are strong advocates for children, teachers and public education; candidates who will listen to the concerns of classroom teachers; and candidates who feel, as they do, that teachers and public schools are important.

The PDF endorsement letter is viewable at the bottom of this page.
Louisville’s Sean Delahanty understands that free public education for all students in Louisville, KY is essential to the growth and prosperity of the entire community.  While there are challenges in any community, Delahanty is proud of Louisville’s educational system.  Delahanty is a native Louisvillian.  Judge Delahanty believes his local education and his teachers were an impactful force leading to his career in law.  This community should lead the advocacy, education and curriculum of it’s schools.

BSK Represents JCTA

JCTA was first established in 1968. Over thirty-five years later they are the recognized bargaining agent for over 6,000 certified personnel employed by Jefferson County Public Schools. They represent teachers, librarians, speech clinicians, physical therapists and occupational therapists in every one of the public schools in Jefferson County.
JCTA’s mission is to serve as the active voice of their members; promote quality and equity in public schools; expand and protect the rights and interests of their members; and advocate human, civil and economic rights for all.

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